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Banpu is the largest coal producer and distributor in Thailand. The Company produces typical sub-bituminous and lignite coals, which are suitable for use as a base load fuel for domestic cement producers as well as utility generators. Production facilities are located in Lamphun, Lampang and Phayao provinces in the north of Thailand. Mining operations in Thailand have been closed since the end of 2008 upon depletion of their coal reserves.
Company PT. Indominco MandiriPT. Trubaindo Coal MiningPT. Jorong Barutama GrestonPT. KitadinBarinto
Brand Name MCVIM.6250IM.EastLCV.LSHCV.LSHCV.HSJorong J-1EmbalutMCV.LS
  Coal QualitiesUnit         
Total Moisture (AR)%15.516. 13.5
Inherent Moisture (AD)%11.011.514. 
Ash (AD)% 5.5
Volatile Matter (AD)%40.039.539.039.541. 41
Fixed Carbon (AD)%43.543. 
Calorific Value (AD)kcal /
Sulphur (AD)% - 0.5 0.9
H.G.I 47.0
  HebiGaohe (Raw Coal)
  Coal QualitiesUnit  
Total Moisture (AR)%10.08.0
Inherent Moisture (AD)%3.0 - 8.52.0
Ash (AD)%10.0 - 26.515.0
Volatile Matter (AD)%12.0 - 15.016.0
Fixed Carbon (AD)%50.0 -70.068.0
Gross Calorific Value (AD)kcal/kg5,300 - 6,8006,500 - 8,000
Gross Calorific Value (AR)kcal/kg5,300 - 6,8006,240
Net Calorific Value (AR)kcal/kg5,180 - 6,6506,147
Sulphur (AD)%0.350.37
     Centennial Coal
  Coal Qualities Unit  
Total Moisture (AR) % 9.0
Inherent Moisture (AD) % 2.5
Ash (AD) % 16.0
Volatile Matter (AD) % 31.0
Fixed Carbon (AD) % 50.5
Gross Calorific Value (AD) kcal/kg 6,700
Gross Calorific Value (AR) kcal/kg 6,322
Net Calorific Value (AR) kcal/kg 6,000
Sulphur (AD) % 0.65
H.G.I % 48 - 50