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Community Development

BANPU strongly believe in the norm that an industry would be vigorous only when it is developed in tandem with social and environment responsibility. We emphasis to build the balancing of business growth, community development and society. The company places the importance on business activities with "Care and Accountability" to stakeholders under Community Development Policy.

Community Development Roadmap

In order to empower the fostered communities through partnership cooperation and sustainable community development scheme, BANPU implement the road map in three steps:
  1. Fundamental Embedding: It is to enhance and assist the villagers to establish the system of program development and management and the way to manage local institutions.
  2. Maturity Building: It is to help the community to implement series of program in economics, social, education, health, environment, etc. in order to promote the quality of life and productivity in sustainable manner.
  3. Sustainability Enhancement: It is to strengthen CD program, group, and local organization in transitional stage.
These three-step approach is aiming at the community's achievement of sustainable development (SD), reflecting the company's commitment in being part of the community and society. We adhere to and demonstrate our "good corporate citizenship" by caring for any impact which may occur from our operation to the surrounding areas. 

Community Development program and integration with SDGs

In order to respond to "true community needs" where community's members are able to participate in the enhancement of their wellbeing, the company works closely with the fostered communities and other stakeholders in various fields such as Stakeholder engagement, Quality of life improvement programs (Income generation, Education improvement, Basic infrastructure and facilities, Environmental conservation and Social and culture),   Community Development in supply chain, Women empowerment, Indigenous development, etc. and integrates into Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to ensure the development programs reach the sustainability.

Stakeholder Engagement

To gather the concern from stakeholders, we have established stakeholder engagement policy and have implemented various methods according to appropriateness for each group, either by ourselves such as interviews with customers by our sales department and discussion with government agencies by management visit, or by external consultants such as community satisfaction survey with surrounding communities and engagement survey with our employees.