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Banpu places a great emphasis on “Employee Engagement” due to many researches and surveys from various human resources consulting firms which all have clearly identified that it plays a significant role in increasing competitiveness, growth, stability and sustainability, and increasing total shareholder return.

For this reason, Banpu gives top priority to the “Recruitment and Selection Process”; to ensure that the company will be working with highly committed personnel from the start. This process is conducted via the competency-based interview to identify the right competencies for each job. Moreover, candidates undergo a behavioral test to make certain that our new members embrace the core values of “Banpu Heart”, which comprises of “Passionate”, “Innovative”, and “Committed”. By this way, at the time an employee joins Banpu family, he or she already possesses knowledge and skills required by the company and can quickly adjust to the new environment. This, in turn, leads to maximum productivity, career success, and a high level of employee engagement.

Another factor contributing to employee engagement building is the role of “Managers and Leadership” due to the fact that managers not only play a crucial part in moving the company towards its future goals, but mangers are also considered as role models at both professional and personal levels.

All levels of manager work together in improving employee engagement. It is the managers’ role to work closely with the subordinates for helping them set clear career goals, reviewing their performances, giving direct feedback constructively, and supporting the development of their knowledge and skills. 

As listed below, there are 3 behaviors of employees which can be used for observing the level of engagement.

1. Say: employees saying good things about the organization and always asking other excellent people to join it
2. Stay: employees working happily and wishing to stay with the organization
3. Strive: employees committing themselves exceedingly with all of their hearts to ensure the success of their work

However, there are five engaging drivers which are contributable to the employee engagement shown though 3 behaviors above.

1. Agility: consisting of collaboration, customer focus, decision-making, diversity and inclusion, and enabling infrastructure
2. Engaging Leadership: consisting of senior leadership and the manager
3. Talent Focus: consisting of brand, career and development, performance management, rewards and recognition, and talent and staffing
4. The Work: consisting of work tasks and work-life balance
5. The Basics: consisting of safety

The obtained information from “Employee Engagement Survey”, which is conducted to collect employees’ opinion, is used for developing and improving the human resource management systems, enhancing Banpu Heart, and improving employee engagement level.

Work-Life Harmony

At Bangkok office, we offer Flexible Working Program to support our staff in finding a healthy balance between work and personal life. The company provided Work Anywhere program which is to allow our staff to work anywhere through communication devices such as e-mail and internet teleconferencing.  By joining this program, they will get a greater control over their lives and get more accomplishment.  Moreover, we also provide a flexible working time which allows them to choose their working period during 7.30 am – 6.30 pm.

In order to keep our staff happy and healthy, we provide them a fitness room in the office area with some challenging activities (yoga and aerobics class). Besides that, they can choose to join the activities in our club whether golf, walk & run, badminton, tennis, and futsal.

It is our aim to equip our staff to be more productive, more satisfied, and more engaged in their work environment, including sustaining their highly-qualified workforce and enhancing the quality of their work-life experience.