HSEC Governance
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In its pursuit of sustainable development, Banpu emphasizes policy development which enables both the company and its key stakeholders to prosper together.

The management of Occupational Health, Safety, Environment, and Community Development (HSEC) strives to ensure that all sustainability concerns, namely economy, environment and social, are addressed in current business operations and new project development. HSEC management does not only provide assurance that all license-to-operate procedures are in place, but also it creates an opportunities for meaningful and practical contribution to the lives of business stakeholders (such as employees, customers, and suppliers/contractors) as well as to society as a whole.

At Banpu, all levels of the organizational structure are held accountable for promoting high standards of HSEC management, from the corporate level, through to country offices and every operational site. Governance of HSEC is based primarily on the management line of command overseen by the Sustainable Development (SD) Committee to anticipate the concerns of stakeholders and identify opportunities for continual improvement.

To this end, management standards and technical guidelines have been established to provide a framework for all business operations across Banpu Group to be able to integrate HSEC precautionary practices as appropriate. To further ensure the effectiveness of HSEC management, a performance monitoring and reporting system has been developed to standardize group-wide performances and enable efficient and continuous improvements.