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??????????????????????At Banpu, People are the most valuable resources. This is the reason that the human resource department takes lead and responsibility in taking care our people in 4 main areas which are  1) Career Development 2) Competency and Individual Development Plan (IDP) 3) Global Leadership Development 4) Managerial and Functional Training Roadmap.

1) Career Development

Growing people together in order to unleash their potential while strengthening business into the future, human resources department designs and facilitates career development across Banpu organization. It helps superiors openly discuss with the staff about their career for the current and future position within Banpu.  On the other hand, the staff will be able to see and realize their strength and able to design a development plan aligned with own aspiration and business strategy required. The career development is classified in 4 areas which are Competency, Experience, Organization Knowledge, and Personality Trait. 

Additionally, Career development is one of the key principle processes in Banpu succession plan to grow people for long term business success. To build and sustain business growth, our senior managers closely execute workforce pipeline preparation and career development planning for the critical positions.

2) Competency and IDP

The heart of Banpu development plan is started by designing the competency which is reflex on what Banpu is currently doing and will do in the future according to business strategy and growth. Banpu competency has been designed to enhance both leadership and functional competency. With the right competency, we can be sure that Banpu development program would have high effective on developing our people.

Individual Development Plan, or called as "IDP", will be mutually developed by both superiors and employees to be aligned with business strategy and own career aspiration to deliver their best capability.

3) Global Leadership Program

Banpu has established the Global Leadership Program to enhance our people across country, to be ready for all changes and build strong leadership. Moreover, the scholarship has also been granted to our people for supporting their education both short programs and master degree in specific area in order to develop their potentials which will lead to the further growth of the company's business.

4) Managerial and Functional Training Roadmap

The Managerial and Functional training roadmap of human resources department are critical tasks in enhancing operational capabilities and performance. Based on Banpu Learning and Development Framework by applying Competency Management System, they have clearly clarified the development guideline for each level of Banpu's employees. Based on this framework, the training program can be designed in many approaches depending on the development purpose such as to prepare the readiness of Banpu's people through Banpu Training Roadmap.  The programs are implemented through formal training, web-based learning, knowledge and experience sharing programs by managers, on the job training, and job coaching by superiors. These processes have been organized throughout the organization, allowing each superior to properly and continuously train his/her subordinates, while fostering learning through management’s sharing of knowledge and experience regarding the company's business.

In addition, Banpu’s culture places great importance on our people’s performance and motivation. Although there are many sources of motivation; such as personal drive, the demand to deliver better value for customers and shareholders, and the attempt to contribute to society; there is another source of motivation at Banpu. This motivation is the good example set by the company’s senior managers which many of them have been with the company for more than a decade and have been mainly and continuously participating in the company’s growth and success. Their leadership is expected to provide inspiration and mentoring to lower-level staff by setting examples and standards to which others should aspire.