HR Management System
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Banpu believes that the prosperity and success of our organization can be achieved only through the committed and competent human resources.  This is the reason that the HR Management System starts with the recruitment process where we look for candidates with solid education and work experience, who appear to appreciate values similar to our corporate shared values.

Through our Performance Management System, each staff member is involved in setting up functional plans while the assignment of work is delegated through the agreeing individual and team with the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which are evaluated periodically.


Due to the fact that the operations of Banpu are located in several places both Thailand and overseas, the HR management systems are designed to be aligned with the corporate direction while recognizing the difference of local conditions and practices in order to ensure the reasonable and effective implementation at each operation site.

Banpu runs as a matrix organization in order to optimize an efficient system in all countries in which Banpu operates. This model accommodates the needs of local staff while ensuring the implementation of policies, standards and guidelines, and the monitoring of Key Performance Indicators. The most important aspect of the matrix organization is that Banpu people share information and expertise more readily across different countries. This benefits our projects and human resources because it allows for the specialization which increases the depth of knowledge, and facilitates the management of professional development and of career progression; while participation, collaboration, and accountability are emphasized to create a harmonized working environment.